Monday, July 5, 2021

Types of paper bag handles/提げ紐の種類/紙袋提把的種類



1.     紙捲提把:用棉紙自動紙捲機製作而成,耐用又最經濟實惠且符合環保,有多種顏色可選擇。

2.     腰洞提把:於紙袋上打孔,設計簡單並常用於餐飲、咖啡廳外帶。

3.     各式繩類提把:手工穿繩製成,精緻且選擇多樣,適合貴重禮盒、飾品、酒類等高價位品。



Syncmen come with a variety of handles, and they can be a perfect match with various paper bags.

 1.     Twisted handlesTwisted handles are economical and relatively strong.  They are eco-friendly and can go into recycling system entirely since they are made of twisted papers.

2.     Die cut handles: Die cutting is a process that uses specialized machines and tools to convert paper bags by cutting and shearing. Die cut handle bags are very strong with a simple and practical design, and they are ideal as take-out paper bags for restaurants and coffee shop.

3.     Ribbons and ropes: Both ribbons and ropes are soft, luxurious and have a smooth finish, and they come in a wide range of colors and can suit almost any style of bags. They are popular with boutiques, jewels, wines; especially for the look is more vital compared to functionality.

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1.     紙単紐:機械で紙のテープを硬く撚ってで作った紙製の紐です。エコで強度が高く、一番安価な紐です。選べるカラーも豊富で最も使われている素材です。

2.     小判抜き:小判抜きとは紙袋に小判型の穴を開けることです。「手穴」とも言います。オシャレなデザインでよくカフェのテイクアウトやプレゼントの包装に使われています。

3.     他にも色んな提げ紐:ポリエステル丸紐やリボンなどは手作業で行います。高級感があって色んな素材があります。高級品やアクセサリー、洋酒などによく使われています。


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