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General Manager’s Messages

General Manager’s Messages

It is 15 years since the establishment of Syncmen Enterprise Corp.
We have been adhering to the three core principles of the company: "Fast and organized work efficiency", "Beyond expectations of service" and "Provision for consistent quality of products" on developing overseas markets and serve our customers.

After going through the situation of international crude oil rose sharply, China's plastic bag factory was diverted to operate a paper bag factory. While the periods of US financial crisis in 2009 and also the European debt especially Greece in 2010, Syncmen still grow year by year. With more than 10 million paper bags, which are about 100 containers fruitful result and continuing to be the third place of exporters in Taiwan. It is not by luck, instead we are working meticulous and thinking carefully regarding how to provide competitive pricing or service; putting ourselves in customers' shoes and cooperating with a strong based supplier have always been our working principle.

Besides, I thanks to my colleagues who have grown and worked with me as well as the strategic alliance partners who are always highly-committed.

Syncmen is original an e-commerce company. From the very beginning, the development of overseas markets is the use of web platform and search engine till today.

Syncmen CEO Angel in Factory
As transnational e-commerce has been booming in couples of years, I had been invited to share my progress of that since last year. It took places from north to south of Alibaba’s Branch, including Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Besides, the gatherings held as a director of E-sun Entrepreneurs Association, to answer members’ questions on trade practices.

In addition to those sharing, I also participated in the top 10 e-commerce competition of Alibaba. It is all because I want to help those whom have talented among this industry.
However, to uphold this original intention, it has opened up my perspective and skills as well. For sharing the experience of mine, I have to recall our own working principal and logical thinking. Every time I experienced, the more deepening thought and ability I got. Even the improvements of strengthens and weaknesses. That is, the more thoughts I share the greater progress I receive.

In recent years, the industrial upgrading and it is adopted factories localization in Eastern Europe and neighboring countries. We have faced with several competitions for paper bag markets.
Therefore, Syncmen began developing the Middle East market four years ago and now started to develop Japanese market to respond to the situation. I hope my strategy will be effective this year.

The History of Syncmen

Since she was 16 years old, she had a dream to be a trader and run her own business, who is she? She is the director of Syncmen, Angel Chang. When she finished her studies, she did not hesitate to start working. Her first job was as an accountant assistant. She went through a lot of experiences, built up her own business and established Syncmen Enterprise Corporation; since then it has been for 15 years.

 Why she had the chance to start her business? The reason dates back to her husband. Her husband and his friends wanted to establish a company, so she quit her job in order to help her husband. June 2003, they spend TWD$ 250,000 to establish this company. However, it was not as easy as they thought. They faced some difficulties and she had lost TWD$ 100,000. She tried to find the reason and did some investigation. Finally, she found the solution and cooperated with other factories again. That time, there were only 7 people in her company.
The business is going well year on year. Syncmen do have some customer like as Adidas, Subway, Newlook etc… Before they start having these kind of customer’s bags, they need to make a fair contract between them t protect each other’s interest. In addition, Syncmen have FSC certification, which serves to prove their resource of material. They do care about surrounding problems as well. 
E-Commerce is rising. Syncmen has also been using Alibaba platform for a long period of time. Angel always finds different ways to keep up with the ever changing market. Syncmen is Angel’s house. She insists on working 13 to 15 hours per day and 6 days per week. Syncmen created their website in 2006. In 2008, they attend overseas exhibitions. Having updated their website in 2013, it has brought in a huge pool of customers. As we know, Google always develops new way to create more markets and chances to businesses. New product “Google AdWords” Angel also learned this project. Syncmen always finds more and more ways to develop their business. This is the reason why they are so successful.

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Knowledge Is Power

Talking about particular paper.

Very Important and so hot issue in the world is people concern environment, so our customer who retailer or wholesaler send inquiry to us about particular paper, like FSC certificated or PCW Kraft paper. We totally understand this trend and foresee this demand will be increasing a lot. In addition, Some of European countries limited plastic bag usage and ask end-customer pay charge for plastic bag because plastic polluted our air, water and soil. Paper bag become to a good option.

FSC certificated products

What is FSC?
Forest Stewardship Council is independent, non-governmental and non-profit institution. Their mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests. Their vision is that we can meet our current needs for forest products without compromising the health of the world’s forests for future generations.
If you want to use FSC paper bag, it means us and our paper supplier who be certificated by FSC.
For FSC, we need to join this chain then can offer our service to our customer, so we decide to join this in 2011.

PCW products

“PCW” is the abbreviation for post-consumer waste which is a waste type produced by the end consumer. To go green, paper manufacture made paper sheet by using virgin pulp and PCW pulp. We have 40% PCW 100/120/150gsm white Kraft and 90% PCW 150gsm brown Kraft for your choose.  

When you inquiry us FSC certificated or PCW paper carrier bag, like our normal bag, the difference is paper source.

It is easy to choose good to environment products. Please try this.      
Welcome to your inquiry, we are happy to offer our service.
If you have project or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Look forward to your feedback soon. Have a lovely day!!

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Stone Paper

Stone paper

Stone paper is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (CoCO3) with 20% of non-toxic resin (HDPE-High Density Polyethylene) 

Stone Paper's natural attributes make it the perfect material for premium retail bags; natural strength and a waterproof feature to ensure that it is better equipped for the job. As its color palate is naturally white (calcium carbonate), Stone Paper prints beautifully and ensures no chemicals are required to give an elegant and luxurious finish.

Stone paper has a number of unique environmental attributes:
1. It has a low CO2 emission profile.
2. It beneficially reuses a waste stream.
3. Its manufacture does not pollute rivers and ocean.
4. Its manufacture uses relatively little energy.
Reference from

History of Stone paper

The process for creating Stone Paper was first developed by Taiwan Lung Meng Tech Co. in Taiwan during the late 1990s. Stone Paper has been patented in over 40 countries, where its products are marketed under a variety of other trade names such as Modestone, GPA UltraGreen, MIST Paper, Parax Paper, Terraskin, ViaStone, Kampier, CleanSlate, EmanaGreen and Rockstock, Pixz Printing, KYStone Paper and Nu Stone.


1.The making of maps, charts, field notebooks and waterproof journals that will resist tearing and stains and will not collapse in contact with water.
2.Manufacturers' tags and labels that will stand up to deliberate mutilation or normal wear and tear.
3.Posters, banners and outdoor signs which will withstand weathering.
4.Manuals that will survive rough handling and constant use.
5.Packaging and wrapping which will only rip with difficulty.
6.Shopping and garbage bags that are durable.
7.Underwater diving notepads which are fully waterproof.
Reference from Wikipedia

The stone paper bag and notebook is made by Syncmen.

Stone paper bag

Stone paper notebook

Syncmen manufactures paper bag, paper box, notebook....etc..

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Syncmen Has FSC Certification

What is FSC?
Forest Stewardship Council, in brief, it is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organization. Its goal is to promote the idea of the planet's ever long lasting forest livelihood. The products certified by FSC are labeled as "Forest Friendly Products".

Why FSC?
WWF shows that deforestation leads to a rise in our climate temperature, which then directly leads to climate change. According to research by the World Resource Institute, rainforests are the faster forest to face extinction. From 1960 to 1990, almost one-fifth of Earth's rainforest has disappeared. To put it in simple words, rainforests are disappearing at a rate of 220,000 square meters (22 hectares).

By using FSC certified products, we could all play a part in saving the rainforest.

Why FSC paper instead of recycled paper?
1. Recycled paper are suited for producing newspapers and cartons. It's harder to use them to produce higher-end products, and could also lead other unwanted contamination to the environment.
2. If recycled paper is made from materials from the rainforest, it only slows down the deforestation of other forest resources.
3. If the world focuses on only using recycled paper, we still have to create more fresh paper pulp. As the lifespan of recycled paper is only 5~6 times.
4. Sources and quantity of recycled paper cannot be regulated and check as FSC paper.

You can use the serial number on any FSC label to check its legitimacy on ( to make sure.

Things FSC avoid:
1. Forests that violet trade regulations and authority
2.Timber that is produced from genetically modified forests
3. Timber that is illegally produced or sourced

FSC Principles:
1.Follows all applicable laws and international treaties.
2.It can prove if the land is controversial or non-controversial, and state its long-term rights to use of land.
3.Recognize and respect the rights of the indigenous population.
4.Preserve and improve the long-term relations with the working population. And also the responsibilities to the welfare of the community environment and its economy.
5.To cultivate new forests not only to ease pressure on the original environment but also promote environmental preservation.

How to produce products with the FSC certified label?
1.Give production to certified FSC printing factories.
2.Give production to certified FSC paper factories.
3.Get a COC certification for your own company. 

The Director of Syncmen

Nowadays, as the e-commerce industry develops, more companies use internet to sell their own product. Increasingly more e-commerce suppliers are changing the pattern of foreign trade in Taiwan. Because consumers can directly contact to the suppliers, suppliers need to proactively react according to consumers’ varied demands. Taiwan’s processing and manufacturing industries are lacking in ability of operated marketing, and products are usually sold through traders as a middle-person then to the other countries. However, in the circumstance of the internet rising, post 80s and 90s generation buyers have increased tremendously. They tend to use the internet to find the product they need, and proceed to communicate with the suppliers. Besides, they can save funds between agents. To suppliers, they can use e-commerce to open up the customer source and find more market. This is an important competent ability for foreign trade cooperation’s who are growing continuously.

The director of Syncmen, Angel Chang
The Syncmen manager Angel Chang stated that she started an undertaking in the beginning of 2003. Because of her financial limitations if she wants to do international exhibitions, she would need at least 200,000 dollars. Therefore, she chooses to use e-commerce platform to sell her own product like Ali B2B and Taiwan Trade. So far, this company becomes top 3 exporters for paper bag, and it exports and surpasses 10 million paper bags every year. Angel Chang said one sentence when she was in the competition; she said that it was thanks to the hardworking person that she is. 

Angel Chang found one thing when she visited the international exhibition in 2015. Increasingly more consumers seek the businesses directly in the exhibition. The reason why do they do this is because they don’t want to let the proxy to get commission ending up in more fees.

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Foil stamping, Embossing and Debossing

Foil stamping

Foil stamping, (also known as foil application) typically a commercial printing process, is the application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die.

In the process known as hot foil stamping, foil stamping machines uses heat to transfer metallic foil to a solid surface. Examples of items that are foil stamped include annual reports, pocket folders, product packaging, note cards/thank you cards, business cards, envelopes and letterhead. The foil stamp is a permanent process.

We also use these in combination with embossing and debossing.
Foil Stamping
Then the printed logo or some important information would be clear on the paper material.

We can use Foil stamping on any paper material like brown or white kaft paper and art paper.

Like this photo, production spec:
150 Gsm Brown Kraft paper
With turnover top
With base cardboard
Print: NoneHandle: 40cm knotted

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and debossing are the processes of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper and other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material (but might protrude somewhat on the reverse, back side).

Usually, the art paper must be processed by matt or gloss lamination because the paper material is too weak and art paper tears easily or crush.

case 1
In this case1, the product is used with debossing gold foil stamping. 

Production spec :
Art paper
With turnover top
With base cardboard
Print: 1 color – 100% ink
Handle: 40cm knotted
Finishing: matt lamination debossing gold foil stamping

Case 2

In this case2, the product is used embossing sliver foil stamping
Art paper
With turnover top
With base cardboard
Print: 1 color – 100% ink
Handle: 40cm knotted
Finishing: matt lamination embossing gold foil stamping

Let Syncmen Teach You Some Knowledge About Paper Material

Brown paper

1.   Brown kraft paper

Kraft Paper is a light weight and durable marital for making paper bags. Kraft paper bags can be used for many different industries, particularly the food industry. It’s commonly used to package coffee beans, tea, or other snacks. With its practical use and adaptation by many brand names on the market, it’s growing popularity could not be unseen.

White kraft paper
2.    White kraft paper

There are two colors of kraft paper. One is natural brown, another is immaculate white. Brown kraft paper bag is easier to find and use in our lives. People think it's more Eco-friendly for our earth. But for merchant, they might have different thinking. Because white kraft paper bags are easier to be printing with customized logo, and also the colors are easy to show up. This is much better than brown kraft paper bags. No matter what kind of color they choose, when they receive their customized bags, they never feel disappointed about the colors.

Art paper
Art paper
3.    Art paper

Art papers are one of the highest quality printing papers and are used for illustrated books, calendars and brochures. The gram mage varies from 100 to 230 g/m2. These paper grades are triple coated with 20–40 g/m2/side and have matte or glossy finish. Higher qualities often contain cotton. The texture, color, and tangibility are parts of feature of Art Paper. We don't need to do a lot of process, art paper can perform itself well. Normally, used in shopping mall bags, department store bags, and boutique bags where need represent an unparalleled feeling of luxury for the user.

4.  Stone paper

Stone paper
Stone paper is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (CoCO3) with 20% of non-toxic resin (HDPE-High Density Polyethylene).

Stone Paper's natural attributes make it the perfect material for premium retail bags; natural strength and a waterproof feature to ensure that it's better equipped for the job. As its color palate is naturally white (calcium carbonate), Stone Paper prints beautifully and ensures no chemicals are required to give an elegant and luxurious finish.

Stone paper has a number of unique environmental attributes:
1.    It has a low CO2 emission profile.
2.    It beneficially reuses a waste stream.
3.    Its manufacture does not pollute rivers and ocean.
4.    Its manufacture uses relatively little energy.
Reference from

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Who is Syncmen Enterprise Corporation?

  Syncmen Enterprise Corporation is a professional paper bags manufacturer in Taiwan. Our company has more than 15 years experience of exporting to Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We are still trying to expand our market to other countries as well. We make all types of paper bags and specialize in custom paper carriers, such as:

- Kraft paper carrier bag
- Art paper carrier bag
- Twisted handle paper carrier bag
- Rope handle paper carrier bag

- Rigid polyester rope paper carrier bag
- Satin handle paper carrier bag
- Die cut handle paper carrier bag
- Specialty-shape handle paper carrier bag
- Kraft paper block bottom bag
- Gift paper carrier bag
- Eco-friendly stone paper carrier bag
- Eco friendly stone paper envelopes
- Luxury Paper box ( display box, folding box, or rigid box ) 

Syncmen is a young vital group and glad to find more effective environmental friendly products in order to promoting a clear environment on the Earth. Since environmental concept is noticed by customers nowadays, our company has certificated by FSC. 
To best serve our customers, Syncmen is always based on 
✅Excellent service
✅High efficiency
✅Consistent quality
✅Competitive pricing
✅Punctual delivery
That is why we work hard. 💪
On such a foundation of mutual benefits, our company wishes to establish a good relationship with our new customers and to maintain a long-term business relationship with all customers. 
Syncmen is sure that you will be quite satisfied with our service and the excellent quality of our goods.
Welcome to contact us for more information or inquiry in which we may be of service to you.
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🎉~Syncmen is your best choice~🎉

The Report of Business Weekly - Director of Syncmen " Angel Chang"

With regards to the report from business weekly, the director of Syncmen “Angel Chang” on how she deals with her customers. She shares her experience to everyone.
  In the past, the factory had a good market to sell paper bags to domestic customers; domestic customers accept the paper bags as well as the printing color. However, foreign customers cannot check the printing quality by themselves. Therefore, Angel Chang takes up the role to ensure the standards as well as to inspect the size, weight, quality etc… Angel’s factory is situated in Tainan, a long distance between her office and factory. Every day, she needs to drive to the factory in the early morning and only gets back to office at night. Just to ensure quality so that customers are satisfied with their paper bags which are made by Syncmen. The first year of Syncmen was really tough for Angel as she had to communicate with every one of the factory staff to keep track of progress. She deeply remembers one of European customer stressing on the color of printing; this led to Angel setting up the Research and Development department of Color Printing.

Due to the culture difference, flexo printing is more common in the European market. If we compare flexo and offset printing, flexo printing is less water resistant than offset printing. If the bags are printed by flexo printing, clothes are stained with ink easily in rainy days. That’s why until now, Taiwan factories still prefer offset printing, even if the price of paper bags are higher than China market. We still attract a lot of European customers.

Consistent quality, excellent service and high efficiency, three slogans, they are not only slogans for Syncmen Enterprise Corporation, but three slogans that lead to success. They assure Syncmen develops step by step and wins the trust from our customer.

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