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How To Arrange The Impressed Schedule When Our Customers Visit Us- Part Two

  There are 5 automatic production lines-26/35/38/45/52 styles. Different machines have affordable measurement, width of min 160 mm to max. 520 mm. Height is 255 to 740 mm. five machines usually run for twisted paper.
You also see twisted paper machine which brown/ white tissue twisted to our standard, we also have stock color-black/red/dark brown/orange/purple/grey/
cream/pink/blue/green for your choose.

  We have semi-automatic production line-35/42 styles and making thick paper bag machine. They are for rope/ribbon handle paper carrier bags. Especially thick paper bag machine which material are 150/180 gsm white Kraft, 150/175 gsm brown Kraft and 250/300 gsm heavy art paper. According to our experience, we did luxury and bag all by hand and cost is more expensive than competitors in other country. Now we can solve this problem, using thick paper bag machine save a lot of time and manual cost.   

One of  factory view
If you choose art paper with gloss or matt lamination on surface, you can see laminated machine. 

  Optional finish, we have pressing pattern machine and UV spot machine.
Sometime, we want bag surface stunning than normal; you can use our stock pressing pattern. We have 14 styles for suitable to your design, such as weave, star, stone crocodile-large or small so on.

Manual part, we have working line for staffs hand through rope to bag, knots or plastic ends. If you like die-cut handle, we have machine to make die cut hole and there are more than ten styles stock die-cut handle plates for your choose.

Quality Control (QC) area, we check our bags match to your orders.
Our director Angel explained to customer about printing details.
This is our responsibility for our clients.

After visit, you must have many questions to ask us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. If you bring your sample, we are happy to see and confirm. 

We specialize in customizing paper bags, welcome to your inquiry.

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How To Arrange The Impressed Schedule When Our Customers Visit Us- Part One

  When our clients or potential customers like our service, they usually want to have a trip in Taiwan. We are happy to welcome them.

  Our factory is located in Tainan, south of Taiwan. If customers stay in other city of Taiwan, we will suggest they take Taiwan High Speed Rail to Tainan which easy to book ticket and pick them up to our factory. It is around five hours to visit overall of factory except for a lovely lunch time.

  For first part in the morning, we show you around our printing dept. ink room where our coworker use basic color ingredient to mix to our pantone number, mixing ink machine and scan plate machine to make sure to meet your design; large space which loading printing sheet; 2*printing machines including 4 colors and 6 colors which we can offer more optional and colored printing service.

  After short visit, we take a break in meeting room. As you know, there is so hot and you sweat a lot. Need cool drink-coffee or red/black tea and having a seat will be better, in the meantime, you can offer your question and we can discuss this. Lunch time, if you have special cater request, please let us know.If you like Asian food, we recommend you try our Taiwan transitional cuisine.
Like sweet and sour fried fish.

  In the afternoon, we take you a look our artwork dept. when you send your design by PDF or AI to us. Our coworkers organize and do layout-PNG for your approval. You can see another room where producing plate machine. When you approved our PNG, our coworkers do printing plate, then we go head to printing machine. Near artwork dept. there is 2 colors printing machine.

  Move to another plant, you can see whole process of mass production.

  Drying printing paper sheet, we use cutting machine to cut one bag layout to run the automatic machine.

~~ To Be Continued ~~

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An Imaginative Idea about The Paper Bag

One day, I stumbled across an interesting essay on the internet. The essay was talking about the paper bag, its design can let it be reused. Below is the essay’s content.

People walk by the anniversary of the department store. Shoppers are everywhere walking around department store. They buy some new clothes, and some necessities. They can see everywhere that everybody has the shopping bags on their hands. However, do you know that, people use 1 billion paper shopping bags every year, yet, paper bags only takes up 1% in the recycling field. On the other hand, there are also stands used to hang the clothes. The plastic hangers are over 8 billion. In the end, they are all thrown to the landfill. Moreover, these plastic hangers all have to take over 100 years to decompose. After you look at such tremendous data, don’t you have to consider recycling and reusing the paper bag or the hanger? Thanks to our designers for always thinking about this inefficient and unsustainable problem in our life. In view of this problem, one India designer came up with an unusual handbag. The idea combined the paper bag and a cloth stand. This way, it reduces the chance that the paper bag and the cloth stand are thrown by people. Inside the paper has a shape of hook that is the paperboard. Behind the paper, has a cutout that teaches people how to transform the paper bag into a paper cloth stand. People can easily fold and fix, transforming between a stand and a bag.

This imaginative hanger is made from the paper bag, and it has the awareness of environmental protection, and the purpose of recycling and reusing. Moreover, the texture and the design of kraft paper is stylish as well.

There is a video to explain clearly about the handbag, and usage method of the paper bag hanger. Although it is still in the conceptual phase, the designers are looking forward to the day it comes true. Using more environmentally friendly material to phase out plastic hangers and plastic bags.


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