Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Interview with Journalist with Business Weekly in May.

The interview with journalist with Business Weekly in May.

How to explore in paper carrier bags market with many competitors and get customer’s trust, keep long time business with them.

1.  Give appropriate suggestion to your customers.

We have different kinds customers, like wholesaler, retailer and enduser. For enduser, they usually don’t know detail of bag; you need to give appropriate suggestion according to their products style. If they like luxury paper bag, we suggest use art paper with rope. Option part, they may need foil stamping or UV spot. It shows elegant. If just simple, we prefer they choose Kraft with twisted paper. For wholesaler and retailer, most of them care about cost and quality.
We adjusted their inquiry to offer our standard to them for competitive price.

2. Control quality seriously.

Paper carrier bag looks like very simple product but there are a lot details to notice. Printing and forming are two important reasons. Forming affects carrying safely and durable. Printing must match customer designs. In printing part, we use pantone book and machine which check to match customer request pantone number. Because it is weird situation which this is acceptable in local market when printing of bags are not too far from previous orders, all of most difference is up to 20~30% . But foreigner care steady printing and can’t accept this difference which local customers agreed therefore we set up severe rulers and ask our printing department to follow this.

3.  Support your customers 100%

We search for potential customer and put our bags photo on Alibaba, Sometime enduser will send inquiry to us. If we knew enduser who is our customer charge of, we reply to them to found our customer. We have loyalty to our customer and protect them. Treating with customer likes our friends, you need to consider their thought and meet their demand.

Due to three points, we have a long relationship with our customers!!  

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