Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 Company hiking activities/ シンクメン社全体のハイキング活動-火炎山/ 新科健行活動-火炎山

On December 12, 2020, Syncmen Team reached the top of Huoyan Mountain

Syncmenbag is still very energetic in December. Although it was difficult to get started, through everyone’s mental shouting and synchronized adjustments, the overall situation gradually improved!The superb view of the valley, laughter and joy, pay attention to safety, and gather the hearts, which made this event a very successful completion.

RPET products are really easy to use! Everyone pays attention to avoid using side backpacks when climbing, because you need to adjust your body balance all the time. The tiffany blue RPET sport bag is very suitable for climbing! Many people have encountered the problem of degumming the soles, this time It happened that the soles of the team members were degumming. Fortunately, there are shoes with RPET shoe bags!



また、RPET製品はとても使いやすいです!登るときはショルダーバックを使わないように、それは常に体のバランスを調整する必要があるのです。アザーブルーのrPET スポーツバッグは山登りに非常に適しています!多くの人が靴底の脱ガムの問題に遭遇したことがあるでしょう。今回はチームメンバーのソールが脱ガムしていたのですが、rPET靴バッグが持っていたのは幸いです!


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