Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Why We Choose to Use Paper Bags Instead of Plastic Bags?

  In this modern day, everybody gradually realizes the importance of protecting our environment. Therefore, the government started to advocate the use of paper bags. 
Nowadays, more and more people use the paper bag. Why should we use the paper bag? There are many reasons. Let us tell you simply as below. 

  First of all, using the paper bag can reduce the pollution in the world; it can reduce waste of using the plastic. Secondly, plastic can never decompose. Besides, if people casually throw the paper bags on the road after usage, it will produce a ton of rubbish. Next is that we can produce the paper bags which use the material that would not be harmful to the earth. For example, people can use the papers that are chopped from artificial forests. It efficiently reduces the amount we chop down every day. They are not the native forest in the earth. It can’t affect the earth. Forth, the paper bag looks more exquisite than plastic bags. If you use the paper bag to wrap your gift, it looks like more sincere and presentable. Fifth, using paper bags cause less pollution to the earth than the plastic bag as they can be recycled. Generally, plastic bags take much more effort to be recycled. 

  Therefore, it can produce much pollution than the paper bag. Last one is some plastic bags are unhealthy to our health. For example, using the plastic bags to pack food, it can cause some toxic reaction or chemicals that can harm our health.

  In conclusion, it is a better and wiser choice to use the paper bag. Because it can not only reduce the pollution to earth, but it also can be recycled. If we want to do some merit and protect our earth or the society, then paper bags will be the sustainable way forward.

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