Friday, June 15, 2018

How Do We Feel About Taiwan Trade Competition

In this competition, we cooperate with four students whom had spent much time on this competition. They’ve learnt much throughout the competition even though they are not new to the field. To conclude, these are the four students' experience about the competition.

Jimmy(Team Leader) :

Before this competition, I had already had some experience with other commerce related competitions. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to attend this, I did not hesitate at all to join. But only when the competition started, that I knew that this one was something much different than what I expected. It was much tougher but not in the work which we do, but being a leader. We had to do a lot of repeated task such as uploading products on the site. Which is a bit annoying sometimes, as we often had to keep up with our appointed working volume. We also had some frustration as one of our team member decided to quit midway. It was sure to cause some damage, but we were able to recover and put our momentum back on track. We hope we are able to enter the top ten in the competition. Not just for me and my team, but also for Syncmen and the team there. I know I can be proud of the efforts that I worked so hard for.


I was thrilled to know when there is a e-commerce competition being held at a national wide scale. So me and my buddies signed up knowing we would be able to learn a heap if we attended. And yes we did, a lot. Working with Syncmen is probably the best thing that can happen to our team. We were shown first-hand the details of e-commerce, something we were not familiar with. But we learned to adapt, and after a short period of time we were kicking in high gears and flying through the contest. I personally was excited to be tasked with shooting and producing the company introduction video, which was tiring. But the finished product was worth every effort. For me, the knowledge and skills attained in this experience is far more valuable than any prize. As it is these experiences that I will carry with me outside of the school walls.


When I first heard about this contest, I immediately knew that it was goanna be a challenge for sure. With times in different aspect of the world of commerce, e-commerce has slowly taken up the need for traditional conventions. I knew I had to take this chance to catch up with the world. Me and my buddies came together to join this competition together, with high expectations as well. From being interviewed by different companies, and finally being picked to be able to work with Syncmen. We were excited to work together with Syncmen after knowing it's already proven experiences in the e-commerce scene. From beginning with no experience at all, to uploading more than 200 products. We also got to visit the production factory which was also something quite eye opening. Syncmen was extremely helpful during the whole process giving us every tip and sharing their experience so we could perfect our skills. Being able to learn how one simple paper bag is produced and sold throughout the world is truly fascinating. I thank them for giving us the most valuable experience in the actual working environment.


I had no big ambitions when I signed up for this competition. I signed up merely because our teacher presented this opportunity during class. He persuaded me to join with the reason that this was going to be something I won’t regret attending. He was right. I have learned and experience a lot since it began. From being assigned work, to learning on the go of things I was not acquainted with. Especially advertisement focused on e-commerce sales. Even though it can be tiring and time consuming from time to time, but I think it is worth it. No matter the outcome, the experience itself already made me learn many new things.

If you would like to know Syncmen more, you can look up the websites as below: