Friday, June 8, 2018

How To Make On Artwork of Paper Bag

Here are some important points need to understand before design a paper bag:

Layout of bag’s artwork
Confirming bag’s size firstly and then make the artwork to be 5 parts:
- Back of bag (the first part)
- Side gusset (the second part)
- Front of bag (the third part)
- Side gusset (the forth part)
- Adhesive layer (the firth part)
In usual, the main logo is at the front of bag (the third part), it can be show perfectly when bags are finished.  Also, base logo shoule be reversed at the bottom of the third part, it will be upright after fold up the bottom.


Bleed means printing a slightly larger area than real size, it is necessary part for all printing works.  Bleed will be trimmed off before fold printing sheets into bags, it can ensure there is no unprinted edges occur in the final paper sheets.  We usually make 3 ~ 10 mm bleed for paper bags; It is difficult to define the best width of bleed, it is adjustable for different design.

These are 2 normal printing types used on paper bag designs:
Knockout printing: the top color is knocked out of the base color.  It shows real color for the top color, most custom paper bags use this type

Overprintg: the top color is printed on base color directly.  It will mix 2 colors ink and change to a different color.

Logo or texts on turnover top
For twisted handle bags: If bags are with turnover top, it has2 “J” slits on turnover top in order to glue twisted handle patch inside of it.
For rope/ ribbon handle bags: There are 2 handle holes on bags to through handles.

The destination between 2 J slits or handle holes is depending on bag’s width, avoid these to ensure your logo or texts are complete.

Understand above points before make an artwork, it can help designers to make artworks easily.

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