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Paper Box Part Two

  There are still a lot of types of paper box as below. Take your time and read,

Folding box, which one flat paper was done by die-cut, forming them by manual, Materials are white card or corrugated paper.   

Window box

A window on the box let your customers know what content is, there are two options of glass paper- PVC and PET for your choice. PVC is economy and cheaper, PET is eco-friendly, if you want to put food directly, we prefer you use PET, different thickness will affect the cost. 
Window box is suitable for wines, sandwiches, cake, tart, and toy. 

Hanger box
Hanging panel box provide not only an extra display space to add product information but also allow you to place a hole to hang box on a rack. We use light weight product such as lipstick or smartphone, computer line etc.

Special box
According to customer inquiry, we design different structure box. It is easy to catch someone eyes and have a good impression.  

Pillow box
There are with or without hanger, it is easy packaging for fashion products such as clothes.

Rigid box –unfolding box, we usually use grey board covering paper like art paper,  Kraft paper or special paper (pressing pattern on paper). The cost of rigid box is more expensive than folding box. We put luxury and elegant products such as jewelry.  You can do any finish, foil stamping, UV spot, embossing on logo. 

Magnet box
With 2 sets of magnet for closure, this packaging is flat or forming. You can attach ribbon and shows their difference. 

Tray and Lid box-rigid box
Customer use rigid box for tie or pants.
this packaging is forming so they waste shipping space and local charge will be higher.

Shoulder box-three layers box
Middle layer is different color from others.
this packaging is forming

Paper box with PVC
Lid is PVC, you can see the products clearly.
Our customer put bows on the box, named
cummerbund boxes.
this packaging is forming

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Paper Box Part One

Today, we want to talk about your box. You can see below box structure and easy to know which box suitable for your merchandise. Hope it will be helpful.
Information will be separate to 2 parts.

Folding box, which one flat paper was done by die-cut, forming them by manual, Materials are white card or corrugated paper.     

Re-closable locking tab box
This is the most basic box; the top and bottom use the same design locking tab. Most of locking way on top and bottom or only on top. easy to pack for light weight goods. Such as beauty or home goods.

Snap Lock Bottom Box
Bottom has four tabs and using cross way to increase carry weight. Easy to fold and unflod.

The design of bottom is more secure than re-closable locking tab box for heavier goods

Collapsible auto lock bottom box

Glued bottom. Carry weight is better than snap lock bottom box. Used for glass bottle( usually wine or jam ) and can (like meat or fish can)

Locking tabs on top box
This is actually a snap lock bottom or collapsible auto lock bottom box with one or more locking tab. A long-shaped box usually can’t be closed tightly. Adding tabs can help to solve this problem.

One piece design box(pizza box/donut box/display box)
Unfold box is one paper without glue.

The trays allow easy-loading and removal of goods. Their cost is economy and cheaper.

Tray and Lid box

There are two parts-tray and lid in this structure, we use more paper quantity than other boxes. We also offer option which increasing strength by thick material, it is suitable for luxury and elegant box such as apparel, jewelry. If your merchandise is high price, we recommend you use this style box.  

Tray and sleeve box

There are two parts-tray and sleeve in this structure, it is high quality as tray and lid box.

What Do We Learn In Taiwan Trade Competition?

After finishing Alibaba Top Ten E-Commerce competition, Ms.Angel received an email from Taiwan Trade about coming e-commerce competition. She felt that She should enhance e-commerce team as well while attending the competition. This would be in her favor of developing and running the e-commerce market.

March 31st was the seminar and student group selections for the Taiwan Trade competition. We had to pair up with student teams from schools who also attended. Coincidentally, fate had arranged us to encounter my neighbor’s son at the same interview room. They weren’t part of our original scheduled teams to interview, but we decided to give them a try. What we discovered were a team of students with passion and ambition. Me being a passionate and positive person, she knew she had to choose them to become partners for this competition.

In the beginning She required that the students had to attend educational training at company. The key in educating them is to know Syncmen and the products which is essential to creating better progress during the competition. She also planned each student’ work schedule and details to each task.

She had even more ideals for producing our company video. She hopes to use innovative and creative ways to introduce not only products, but also our staff. The students took a trip to my factory just to create the ideal video. It made her very happy. The results not only met her expectations, but surely exceeded them.
As working with students was a first for us, we had to learn how to lead and plan their progress. Requiring them to upload products, adjust EDM, write blogs, and produce videos. All of these created new experiences for us, creating new sparks through our discussions together.

Learning- Planning- Producing- Progressing- Correcting- Finishing
They became our tempo for our cooperation during this contest. And it is during this process, she discovered two factors that contribute to a great working team. First is being the company playing their role in educating and supporting the students to help them finish their assigned task. The other being the students will and contribution in devoting themselves to the competition, both being inseparable. We are glad to team up with a group of enthusiastic and passionate students. It is because of their attitude towards learning and working together with us that we were able to enter the finals.

We hope that following our tempo and our actions working towards the highest possible standards, we are able to achieve our goals of finishing top three in the competition

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The International B2B Certificate of DUNS® RegisteredTM

Syncmen is certified in DUNS® Registered TM which provides international companies with exclusive global identities. After receiving information collection and auditing by D&B, the company was awarded the DUNS Number® by Deng Bai. The 9-digit global coding system created by Shiji was built on Dun & Bradstreet's global corporate database and installed with the accredited Dun & Bradstreet Corporate CertificationTM logo.

Under the globalization of economic transactions, the unique global coding system of DUNS Number® (Data Universal Numbering System) is widely used in corporate identity and business information, and it can quickly identify the global information of over 250 million companies’ identity.

As an internationally recognized and commonly used company identification symbol for e-commerce, the world's most influential regulatory body, International Standards Organization (ISO), more than 50 global industry and trade organizations recommendations or requests using the D&B Global Coding system. If the world's top technology company, Apple Inc., stipulates that an IOS Developer Program must be applied for, the developed App can be uploaded to the App Store. The first step of applying for an iOS developer account requires Deng to provide White's Global Code.

The important role of entering the global supply chain

Most Fortune 500 companies also embed D&B Global Codes into their internal operating systems and processes through various means to manage the information of their business or supplier partners. Examples of major global brands require their suppliers to register on the BOM Check website to manage a large bill of materials. D2un & Bradstreet Global Codes must be provided when applying for BOM Check; Walmart, the world's largest retailer, also requires more than 20,000 supplies. The company provides this code to evaluate its products and services to ensure compliance with environmental regulations in order to develop a global supply chain market with a green supply chain. D&B Global is an important player in the global supply chain specification.

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The International B2B Certificate of TÜV Rheinland

Syncmen also has TÜV Rheinland certification. Consumers require quality instruction guide. Consumers particularly trust the evaluation content proposed by neutral third parties such as TÜV Germany. For decades, TÜV Rheinland's test mark has been widely trusted by the market.

In the future, we will launch a clearer test mark and combine our Certipedia online certificate database to record our testing services.

Strict test mark usage specification
In the future, test signs used in consumer product advertisements must be accompanied by reference information.  The reference information must briefly describe the testing items and standards that have been performed so that consumers can clearly grasp the relevant content.

We have established reference sources and published test content on Certipedia, an online certificate database that can be accessed and used at any time to provide test abstracts.
A trusted database system that presents detection results from around the world in a safe and reliable manner.
After completion of the development, Certipedia's scale will increase and become more efficient.

We guarantee information transparency and clarity
Since January 1st, 2016, TÜV Rheinland has not issued the test ID of Universal ID for most certificates. The universal test flag ID provides only a basic introduction to the test results.
As a whole, we only provide exclusive IDs in the future.
These IDs allow consumers to more accurately grasp test content and certificate information.

A single "chi" to enhance its advantages - now we are committed to making it better
TÜV Rheinland's test mark – a unique "ambition" forever.

It represents safety and quality and has been effectively promoted and adopted in the industry. Consumers have long regarded it as a valuable reference guide.

However, legal norms and consumers have higher requirements. This is the reason why we update the system. With successful test marks and online certificate databases, we provide more advantages than ever before.

We have strengthened two decisive functions for the test mark:
Update 1, Optimize Certipedia Certificate Database

Give consumers a better understanding of the test content and abstracts. All display content can be customized, such as displaying your company's trademark, and other consumer-related information, can also be used on your company's official website.
Update 2. Create a unique ID number

Allow consumers to obtain clear and complete testing content and test summary information directly. TÜV Rheinland creates significant advantages for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

TÜV Rheinland has created a more consumer-oriented and less error-prone reporting method. More transparent information can bring substantial benefits to manufacturers, retailers and consumers.
Innovative test marks are matched with Certipedia, a widely recognized online certificate database that consumers can use anytime, anywhere.
The revised German Rhein TÜV test mark will be paired with a dedicated ID number.
A clear and complete test summary is presented on the website.

About the court's strict decision on the use of test marks

Recently, in a ruling of the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf, Germany, it was determined that the incomplete information on the test mark was a misleading advertisement copy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to redesign test marks that meet the new regulations and take enforcement actions.

In the future, test marks used in consumer product advertising must include relevant reference information without exception. The reference information must include brief test items and introduction of test standards, so that consumers can clearly grasp the relevant content.

The German Federal Supreme Court is expected to make a final decision on this in 2016.

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Paper Bag Forming Machines

The paper bag forming machines are divided into two ways of continuity printing, one being offset printing, and the other being flexo printing. Offset printing uses flat paper to print and pouch, and with most bags using thicker paper (84 gsm ~350 gm) flexo printing uses rolls of paper to print and pouch, and mostly using much thinner paper(60 gsm ~125 gsm)

In this article, we focus on introducing the offset printing machines. It is divided into automatic and semi-automatic machines. Automatic certainly means that the whole process is controlled by the machine itself. While on the other hand, semi-auto means that it only does half of the job, which is forming the main bag by itself. Semi-auto machines are used mainly for soft-roped handles paper bags. 

With hundreds of sizes for paper bags on the market, our factory machines have the capability to produce different sizes with specific machines and they can satisfy the foreign and domestic demands for bags of different sizes.
Some of our machines include:
Automatic paper bag forming machines: 260/350/380/450/520
Semi-automatic paper bag forming machines: 350/42/450 (use for thick paper)

The numbers above represent the maxim width of the produced paper bags. It can also be used as a scale of size.  For example: 260 Automatic- creates bags width of 150~260 mm. 

Our full auto machines can not only 100% finished paper bags, but also produce the main body itself. We can adjust our production line according to the orders and timeline. Full auto machines can always be adjusted to do the work of semi-autos. 

With our many production lines running, we will always notify our clients if we need to adjust the schedule to meet the intended shipments. In the case, we have a bag size that fits more than one of the intended chosen machines; we’ll adjust our production lines to incorporate different machines into production. Of course, we also acknowledge there are clients who demand a designated machine or mold for production. We will do our utmost to fulfill the client’s desires and orders.  

The process of producing a paper bag requires details and attention. Quality control is a necessary and important step in our productions. We will make sure every shipment is right and on time. We will plan and adjust everything to make sure the bags get to you, and you get them to the customers.

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Exhibition Preparing Part 2

Exhibition Preparing Part 2

And this time, let's continue! 

(6)   Schedule arrangement
The most convenience way is joining exhibitor tour group with travel agent, this is better for exhibitors who are the first time to participate exhibition.
You can plan your trip by yourself to save money.  Exhibition organizer cooperates with some hotels and usually has special offer for public transportation, visiting official website to get more information and benefit.  

(7)   Apply for exhibitor’s badge
Quantity of exhibitor’s badge is depending on size of booth, it is usually 2 badges for 9 SQM booth.  Sending application to organizer if need more badges, but extra badges are usually not free.

(8)   Invitation letter & Entry voucher to customers
Calculate how many customers you will invite for the exhibition, then apply for entry vouchers from organizer.  It is usually a set of voucher code, visitors have to redeem it before their entry.
Send invitation letter and voucher code to your customers as early as possible, customers can have enough time to arrange their travel also don’t forget to explain how to redeem the vouchers.

(9)   Prepare and deliver business cards, samples and catalogs
Business card, sample and catalog is very very important tools at the exhibition.
Just send part of samples and catalogs to hotel before opening day of exhibition and hand carry part of these tools by your side.  It can ensure that you can have tools to develop customers on the first day.

(10)   Set up booth
If you are not machinery company, the set up day is usually the day before opening day.  The first thing is confirming everything is same as contract when you arrive at booth, all equipments are correct and at right place.  Quality of all displayed samples must be nice and at proper place.  Stick posters on the wall, attractive posters can catch visitor’s eyes and increase chance of knowing new customers.

More preparation brings more successful.
Making good impression to every customer who steps into your booth, they mean an opportunity of business.

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Exhibition Preparing Part 1

Exhibition Preparing

Participating exhibitions is becoming an important tool to develop new customers and new markets.  Exhibitors can gain more trust from new customers when first meet at exhibition.  Exhibitors can also meet existing customers to ensure more stable business relationship.
Here are 10 steps to prepare an exhibition, even these are brief but important.

(1)   Information collection
More information can help a company to confirm if an exhibition is valuable or suitable for a company.

(2)   Apply for becoming an exhibitor
There are 2 ways to become an exhibitor
- Apply to organizer: Send application to organizer directly.  Cost may lower than the 2nd method, but you have to check deadline of each step and read exhibitor manual carefully.
- Apply to agent: Most agents will help exhibitors to complete the whole process, it is a easy way to participate an exhibition.

(3)   Remit participation fee
It is easy but very important step, if you forget to remit it before deadline, you may be disqualified from organizer.  Almost all organizers ask “full amount remittance” into their account, all banking charges are bearing by exhibitor.

(4)   Confirm booth location
Location is an important factor to affect how your business will be.  The best location of booth is at the main aisle, main entrance or close to elevator.  Most people will go through these areas and they are potential business opportunities.

(5)   Booth construction
Different type of booth construction:
- Ground booth
- Island booth
- One-side open booth
- Two sides open booth (corner booth)
Confirm booth type firstly, then decide if you need a booth designer or not.  You will need a designer to design your booth if you choose ground booth or island booth.  One side or 2 sides open booths are system booth, they have basic construction already (as picture), you can just order extra equipments.
According to different products and location, you have to order different extra equipments which can display your products perfectly.

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