Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flexo Printing

As we indicated in previous article (Offset printing), flexography (= flexo printing) is direct printing transferring the ink from the plate to the paper on roll other than offset. Following are the main features of flexo printing.

Flexography requires the product of so-called printing plates. Regarding printing plate, with its slightly raised image and letterpress, is rotated on a cylinder and coated by fast drying ink. Ink applied to the printing area, which is then pressed against the paper so it transfers. Therefore flexo printing is also known as “surface printing”, is a relief printing method that the image to be printed is higher than the background (See below picture).

Flexography compared with offset printing, it uses water-based inks are solvent-free, not only quick-drying but also more environmentally friendly. However, drying of water-based inks is extremely affected by the surrounding environment. When the weather is humid, printing sheets are easily affected with damp. When it comes to rain or splashing by water, the surface of printed image may easily reprint to other objects.

The main difference with both processes is that offset printing is only done on flat and smooth surface while flexo printing can be used on a wider range almost any substrate with a flexible surface. For example, it can be applied to corrugated cardboard, paper, cellophane, plastic and fabric. By using different machines provides a clear impression image on diverse materials. While offset printing is well-suited for short-run work, flexography provides more economical production.

What are Advantages of Flexo Printing:
·         Runs at high press speeds
·         Economical, with high-visibility graphics when it requires the use of only a few colors.
·         Printed material range is more widely than other printing processes.
·         Lower investment costs for printing related equipment and maintenance.
·         Water-based printing ink is more environmentally friendly.

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The Experience of Visiting Factory

  On May 18th, our director Angel invited three students who assisted us in building up our Taiwan Trade website to visit our factory. The purpose is to let them understand the procedure how making a paper bag. After visiting the factory, three students share their experiences. Please see below:


Personally I was very excited to be able to visit and shoot the company introduction video at the production factory. Being a guy who really loves tech and mechanics, visiting a factory is like going to Disney. Every part of the tour was very fascinating for me. I got to see how much detail and attention is given into the production of each bag. From printing, choosing and tuning the colors to making sure everything matches the customer’s specific orders. To cutting the paper to the right dimensions. When everything is set in place on the production lines, it’s like magic…. Magically appearing paper bags. Everything is finished with a detailed quality control. I really enjoyed my visit, getting to see everything with my eyes, and through my camera lenses.


It was a privilege for us to visit Syncmen Headquarters and also their production factories. We were shown production lines that we had never seen before, and learn the bits and pieces that contribute to the production of paper packaging. The scale of the factory was what really impressed me. The production lines and the many specialized production machines were truly eye opening. Touring the factory took us almost a full day, it was a tiring but fun experience. I really loved it.


As you know, paper bags play an important role in our daily life. You may think that since it is so common, it must be plain and simple. But after my visit to the factory, it truly changed my perspective. Everything is more complicated than it looks. Many details and special machines go into the production of paper packaging. Everyone was focused on doing their part to ensure the quality of the product. Before I stepped in, I thought it was going to be a very hot and messy environment. Yet all I saw was organized production lines, and even some with air-conditioning to cool the machines. I really think that this is a great experience for me to learn a lot that things are always more than what meets the eye.

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