Monday, October 19, 2020

Introduction of common paper types and uses


There are many types of paper used in the world today. Here are the common types of paper in use, such as white cardboard, art paper, natural kraft, white kraft, and so on. Kraft paper is created from the wood pulp of softwoods, which results in a stronger form of paper exhibiting high tear resistance and high elasticity. Moreover, kraft paper is eco-friendly and cost efficiently. These properties make kraft paper ideally suited for the creation of packaging material paper t as paper carrier bag and sack bag, used to create shopping bags and grocery store sacks. Syncmenbag offers kraft papers and common specification as following: a.100GSM white kraft paper- It’s white face and prefer for high quality printing to enhance paper carrier bag. Compared to natural kraft paper, prices are higher. Common paper weight-100gsm, 120gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm b.100GSM natural kraft paper-it has natural brown color; therefore, it ideal for single color. Compared to white kraft paper, prices are lower. Common paper weight-100gsm, 125gsm, 150gsm c. White kraft paper printed one color- Saturated printing benefits paper bags brightly and vividly. d. White kraft paper printed CMYK- more than 50% coverage and lively colors can enhance paper bags. e. Natural kraft paper printed one color- natural brown itself work in harmony with printing ink and all colors will be affected to some extent when printed on brown kraft paper. f. Natural kraft paper printed CMYK-due to natural brown itself, paper bags printed under 50% coverage with CMYK can be ancient style and environmental. g. FSC white kraft paper printed one color- Syncmen registered FSC™ COC certificate (License Code: FSC-C106353) in 2011. FSC is by way of forest management to help tropical rainforest preservation. Hope everyone can go green for global environmental protection h. FSC natural kraft paper printed one color- Syncmen registered FSC™ COC certificate (License Code: FSC-C106353) in 2011. FSC is by way of forest management to help tropical rainforest preservation. Hope everyone can go green for global environmental protection Welcome to inquire Syncmenbag products, excellent service and high quality paper carrier bags are waiting for you! #新科包裝 #syncmen 包裝常用的紙張材質有白卡紙、銅版紙、牛皮紙、白牛皮等,其中牛皮紙特性吸水性強、纖維長、挺度高且紙漿纖維含量高如考慮到環保及價格問題,所以一般都會採用牛皮紙來做為紙袋類包裝材質,新科包裝常用牛皮紙規格如下: a.100gsm 白牛皮紙- 纸質白色印刷效果佳,紙面光澤度高適合要求高質感印刷可提高手提袋價值感,單價較高。常用gsm-100gsm,120gsm,150gsm,180gsm b.100gsm 赤牛皮纸-紙色較深,故彩色印刷顏色會較深適合單色印刷單價較低。常用gsm-100gsm,125gsm,150gsm c.白牛皮紙一色印刷-色澤較為飽滿,可提高紙袋鮮豔度。 d.白牛皮紙四色印刷-全彩/滿版印刷可增加袋面質感及活潑性 e.赤牛皮紙一色印刷-纸張本身因帶顏色,所已因刷顏色較容易跑色,顏色偏暗沉 f.赤牛皮紙四色印刷-因赤牛皮本色的特性,局部四色印刷可顯示帶點復古及環保性 g.FSC白牛皮紙一色印-Syncmen 於2011年申請認證通過 FSC™ COC認證(Licence Code: FSC-C106353)它透過森林管理熱地球森林永續生存,為環保盡一份心力。 h.FSC赤牛皮紙一色印-Syncmen 於2011年申請認證通過 FSC™ COC認證(Licence Code: FSC-C106353)它透過森林管理熱地球森林永續生存,為環保盡一份心力。 歡迎詢問相關產品,我們將提供優質服務及良好品質! #新科包裝 #syncmen

Thursday, October 15, 2020

2020 10 08 Happy Birthday to Fiona

We prepared a surprise birthday cake for Fiona!🍰
Happy candle-blowing, wish-making, cake-eating day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Syncmen has a trademark certificate for RPET bag./シンクメン社はRPET Bagの商標認証を取得!

In order to responding with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, ESG, Syncmen Enterprise Corp. pursues environmental protection continuously.

Along with our effort, we are awarded FSC certification (License code: FSC-C106353) in 2011 June. Hope Syncmen is better and better for tropical rainforest preservation!

Furthermore, in 2018, Syncmen launches new eco-friends products- Recycled PET Fabric. Recycled PET Fabric is made from PET material which is common used for plastic bottles. (Please visit our website)

Syncmen has the determination to promote Recycled PET Fabric; therefore, we have trademark application and obtain certificate of registration of trademark issued by Republic of China ( R.O.C.) in 2020 Sep. 

Recycled PET Fabric is the global trend of circular economy.  Syncmen Enterprise Corp. has been devoted to environmental friendly packaging and we apply this material to customized bags, so that PET bottles can be reused and recycled for the environmental protection.

Welcome to order customized RPET bags to improve corporate images and make a contribution to the Earth!

シンクメン・エンタープライズ社は環境、社会、企業統治(Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, ESG)を全世界に反響することにします。この目標を継続的に追求し、懸命に取り組んで、2011年6月にFSC認証(Licence Code: FSC-C106353)を取得しました。シンクメンの紙袋、紙箱などの製品が森林の持続可能な発展に貢献するようにしましょう。

さらに、2018年にはリサイクルPETファブリックを導入し、様々なエコバッグを作成します。RPET (リサイクル・ポリエチレン・テレフタル酸エステル)とは再生プラスチックの事で、回収されPETボトルを使用して分解すると、転換されたエコ糸です。(シンクメンの動画へようこそ)


それは廃棄されたボトルはリサイクルすると分解し、エコ糸になり、さまざまなエコバッグに加工することです。カスタマイズ注文がようこそ!あらゆる分野の企業が ESGを実装することで、企業イメージを高め、地球の環境保護に貢献することもできます。

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Happy Mid-Autumn day&National Foundation Day/2020年10月中秋節と建国記念日休業のお知らせ

 Our office will be closed

for Mid-Autumn Festival,  from 1st Oct. to 4th Oct.
for National Foundation Day on 9th Oct.

If you have any question, we will be back on 4th Oct. and 10th Oct., 
reply to your inquiry and question as soon as possible.
Wish you have a nice weekend!
Best regards,

休業期間 2020年10月1日(木)~10月4日(日)、

Thursday, April 30, 2020

SYNCMEN ENTERPRISE CORP. New production-Cloth Mask / シンクメン社の新しい製品-布マスク

Due to COVID-19 breakout in China, some of our customers wrote emails and requested medical masks. Unfortunately, our government prohibit exporting any masks when COVID-19 breakout in China.  However, we try to search our other alternatives since we would like to do something to help our customers.

Now we have four types of cloth masks. Please pay attention that they are not medical masks.
Welcome to visit our website for more information:



Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Newly designed RPET fabric / 新しいデザインRPET布

This new RPET fabric is so beautiful!
The birds on it looked vivid and cute.
Are you looking forward to making this fabric into a RPET bag?


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Easter Is Coming! / 復活祭の時節です!

Easter Is Coming!
How many hidden easter eggs can you find?


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Water resistant test for paper bag / 紙袋に水をかける試験

This video simulate a condition of surface printing on paper carrier bag which are exported abroad about one month.


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

FSC Certification / FSC認証

FSC is abbreviation of Forest Stewardship Council
FSC is a non-profit organization, their goal is to promote sustainable management.
To implement corporate social responsibility, Syncmen is keeping doing environmental protecting, we passed FSC CoC (License code: FSC-C106353) in June, 2011 and using FSC certified papers for paper carrier bags to offer eco-friendly product to our customers.

FSCTMは森林管理協議会(Forest Stewardship CouncilTM)の略語で、非営利組織です。目標は持続的経営を増進することです。